22 December, 2010

Adobe Premiere bug

Trying to learn how to work with Adobe Premiere hit myself into a nasty kind of a bug.
On Windows platforms at least, the program saves and recalls it's window position on screen. During work flow I moved most part of the window outside of view, with only the top bar visible, after which i exited from the program. Next time i started.. surprise! The program started as I left it but this time you have that nagging start screen to deal with and you can't even see it. It wouldn't be much of a hassle if the darn start screen would be build from standard Windows elements but it's not except for the exit button cause that's the only thing that can get focus. You can't use tab, you can't use escape and pressing enter just exits the program.

I had to start Adobe Encore application which is build same wise to figure out that the options from the start window (New, Open and Help) have keyboard shortcuts from their first letter (N, O and H).

So getting back to Premiere, hitting O and opening an existing project did the trick and i was back in business. Not a big deal but definitely not an experience a program must put you through.

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