08 March, 2011

Zăganu - 03 Still alive

Finally back from abroad. Good news is that the project is still alive, during those long cold Russian winter nights I had plenty of time to dive deep into the software side of things. Because it passed some time since I last worked with embedded devices, it took me a little to get back in shape and get familiar with TI's platform. I got a hold of CCS and the Luminary Micro platform which even though is way over the needs of the project is definitely lots of fun to play with.

Starting from the info's from starlino.com I got up and running a 6 DOF IMU. It still needs some tunning but all looks good so far.

I also did some rethinking of the hardware and replaced the FR4 center plate with a 2mm thick 160x160 aluminum plate which is lot easier but stiffer. For now i gave up on the octo configuration since I'm still far away from that point so the center plate is square as I've said and the arms got closer together to shrink things a little.

Got to do some power tests and at full throttle with the frame "bolted down" I only got 8A per motor which was enough to give the frame lift off capability but only half of what the motors can put out so I'm considering bigger props.

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