19 October, 2012

Another Petzl Myo XP repair

As I've said before, my Myo XP was a ticking bomb waiting to blow after the last repair. Just like my NiteRider I was in a mountain trip when it failed.

I knew it from the start that it was the cable connecting the battery compartment to the light head. I twisted it around a little and got some mixed results but in the end it died completely. Back in the office turned on the lamp, grabbed my tools and got to some serious tearing apart. The light head wasn't anything new but it was a first timer for the battery compartment. I was surprised to find in there a fuse that was actually blown out from my screwing around back on the mountain.

A fuse can be seen at the left end of the red wire

Didn't bother to dig into the problem that much and just took off the old cable. Unfortunately it's not an easy kind of cable to find so I had to improvise and use an electrical outlet cord. I could have found thinner alternatives but I wanted a decent cross section for low voltage drops and increased stiffness. It's left to see how well the new cable will hold up with low temperates and mountaineering abuse.
This is what came of it:
Final "masterpiece" after cable replacement


  1. Hi,

    Firts of all, thanks for sharing your knowledge and your help.
    Did you replaced the fuse? Do you know the reference of it?
    I need to buy and replace one.


  2. hello morales. I have bypassed the fuse and did a direct connection. Don't know it's rating but you can do an estimate by measuring the current with a full set of batteries and the light in boost mode and dimensioning the fuse a little higher, my guess 500mA would be a plausible value

  3. Had a similar issue. Went caving, the battery pack started acting up. Luckily I had a spare torch. Traced back the issue to the battery pack. It's a heap of shite. This is after I've replaced the connector which was giving troubles already. The marking on the fuse is: 2A LF . LittelFuse Pico series probably, 2A rating.