30 November, 2010

AirZound Bike Horn

Delta Airzound Bike Horn

 Thought of sharing some thoughts on things i find awesome so now i start with AirZound.
Many biblicists don't even know it exists, i only found it by chance while surfing around Amazon but i easily saw it's potential in a heavy-messy traffic like the one in Bucharest in particular and Romania in general. It's easy to set up, eco-friendly, loud like nothing else on the market. "Cons": u need to get used to it - pressing it gently enough not to scare pedestrians and the biggest bummer: it tends to wake up killer instincts in types of driver that find offensive a bike horn that's louder than most car horns.

It comes in many color variations and claims are about different versions  but i couldn't find the actual difference between these so called versions.

No need to make a strong point on how useful this lil bugger is since there are a lot of infos out there already, just google it.

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