29 November, 2010

Lafuma Danko-2


Since winter was coming and my old ArcticFox gloves were pretty trashed from last season's hard wear, i gave it a try with these initially impressive Lafuma Danko-2 which i found at Ascent store in Romania for about 39$.

I liked the fact that they were long and could really seal the arm when finding urself digging in the snow. What bugged me at first was the "Silicone touchpad on index finger" as they call it. It's a little round rubberish thing sticking out on the index finger that me for one can't find any real use.

Last weekend I had the chance to put them to test. It wasn't much of a trip but i go the chance to see what they're made of, sort2say.

Conclusion: don't like them that much. Fingers have a strip of material that shreds instantly, the touchpad-feature is more annoying than i anticipated, my big thumb doesn't fit like it's supposed to. I still like they're long though :D but not so sure i'd buy them again.

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